It’s simple. We bring the party to you.  

The Bitty Bar provides an interactive and unique cocktail experience for any event!


Having a party?

Let’s break down the important details….what is the occasion, event location, number of guests, hours of service and most importantly what beverages do you want to serve at your event. You also have the option of just renting the Bitty Bar Trailer (without bartenders).


You buy booze!

Due to strict state licensing requirements, we do not sell alcohol or purchase it for your event-but don’t worry we do the rest. We are happy to work with your caterer or you can feel free to purchase what you need---this typically saves our customers big bucks!


Plan your menu!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Let’s plan the ultimate menu together. Decide what cocktails, wine, and beer you would like served. We can help give inspiration if needed.  The Bitty Bar is beautiful, but also quaint. Limited space prohibits the option of a full open bar.  


We Roll Up!

Here we come with The Bitty Bar in tow ready to handle all aspects of the libations for the event. We pour beer and wine, make handcrafted cocktails with house made mixers and garnishes grown locally and maintain the bar throughout the event.  You mingle with your guests and leave the rest to us. Additionally, we offer a “Just the Bar” option.  This is great if you already have a caterer lined up and they have bar staff.  The caterer would staff the bar, provide glassware and clean up after the event.  The pricing is a little different so let us know if this is a better option for you.